Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes with Cosmetics Bag

Today I will review the Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes with Cosmetics Bag.

You can buy yours on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

The 2 hairbrushes you receive are loved and appreciated by both women and men, kids and teenagers.

You get a salon quality Styling Brush, the innovative Detangling Brush and the Cosmetics Bag for easy storage!

Key Features:
- Easily Detangle any type of hair
- No More Pain while brushing
- Easy to use on Wet or Dry hair
- Convenient storage in you elegant Cosmetics Bag
- European Design high quality Salon grade hairbrushes

You will Immediately see an Improvement in the way your hair looks and feels!

Here is my experience:

My daughter has very thin straight hair that tangles really easily and is hard to brush with out a complete fit! With the Detangling and Soft Hair Brushes I was able to brush her hair with out any screaming or yelling. This was a new experience for us. She usually has a crying fit every time she gets her hair brushed, these brushes help out with that situation a whole lot. I did receive these for review purposes.

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  1. Soft hair brush is so good. The brush is beautiful and best for mend and women both. I like it and want to use.
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