Thursday, February 26, 2015

Syono Shiatsu Neck Massager

I was so happy to be approved to review the Syono Shiatsu Neck Massager because I have neck problems. But let's get some facts first!

You can buy yours on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

The Syono Shiatsu Rolling Neck Massager uses the Eastern practice of pressure massaging to help people relax and cope with issues such as stress, muscle pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression. Neck pain often results from poor posture, bad sleeping positions, and even traumatic injuries. By using the Syono Neck Massager everyday you will break down the injured collagen fibers inside your neck and allow healthy and flexible collagen fibers to take their place.

Here is my experience:

When I was about 18-19 I was rearended on the highway and the driver was going about 50 mph. I had sever whiplash and my neck was completely reversed. My chiropractor got my neck back as much as he could in place however it is still completely straight and has no curve in it at all. The Syono Shiatsu Rolling Neck Massager helps me so much when my neck is flaring up. I am very grateful to have gotten something that finally works. My husband rubs my neck every night but could not get the exact points I needed like the The Syono Shiatsu Rolling Neck Massager. This was an awesome product for me to review and I highly recommend it to anyone that has neck issues.

ErgoGrip Comfort Grip for iPads and Tablets Review and Giveaway

I was thrilled when I was asked to review the ErgoGrip Comfort Grip for Ipads and Tablets. The fact that I get to share one too was amazing!

You can get yours on Amazon HERE

Here is a little from the company:

ErgoGrip is a universal comfort grip for all tablets. 
While we all appreciate that our tablets are getting thinner and lighter, They are getting harder to hold on to ,and get a comfortable safe grip.
When holding your tablet you are either trying to grip it without having your whole hand covering the screen or you rely on the case that your tablet is in gripping onto the case . Otherwise it is just uncomfortable to hold. When holding on to it for an extended amount of time you may even end up with some lasting discomfort.
We came up with this design so that you can comfortably grip and hold your tablet without covering the screen or having the fear of dropping it.
The ErgoGrip is made of a soft silicone and shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. It stays on the tablet using well designed suction cups so that it does not cause any damage to your tablet. 

Product Options:

Colors- Black, White, Green, Pink, Orange

Here is my experience:

I love my ErgoGrip for my ipad. It is so handy being that I have arthritis it gets harder to hold the longer I hold it. It is also very easy to clean, since I have sticky fingers all the time touching my things! (My kids)

Winner Has Been Drawn.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The COVERPLUG Paintable Outlet Cover

You can purchase on for yourself on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

The COVERPLUG™ is a durable, molded, and paintable plastic panel that plugs right into a standard, grounded, double electrical socket to cover the entire outlet. This innovative outlet cover is held securely in place by posts on the back that align with the ground openings and require no tools for installation or removal. They are made in the USA and use a specially designed plastic that is easily paintable to match your wall color. The COVERPLUG™ is an excellent child proofing product.
The COVERPLUG™ serves two main functions:
  1. 1. Creates a physical and visual barrier between your family and electrical outlets.
    2. Covers unsightly outlets and makes them virtually disappear!
For a safer home and seamless walls, the COVERPLUG™ is the only option!

Here is my experience:

I have a little boy that is very curious and this went right in his room. He no longer messes with the outlet and I feel much safer! I did get this for review purposes.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Minzos 4-In-1 TurboPen for Tablet & SmartPhone Review

Today I will be talking about Minzos 4 in 1 TurboPen!

You can purchase your on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

Universal Stylus Pen for Smartphone & Tablet - Minzos 4-In-1 Turbo Pen - Stylus, Ball Point Pen, Led Light & Presentation Pointer - Works w. Apple iPad Air/2/Mini/iPhone 5/5s/5c/4s, Nexus 5/7, Galaxy Tab 4/3/2, Galaxy S5/S4, HTC One M8/M7 (Silver) and Most Tablet and Smartphones.

Unveiling the 4 in 1 TurboPen by Minzos A stylus/ballpoint pen/LED flashlight/laser pointer:

The TurboPen is designed for comfort and practicality with attention to detail. Whether you need to jot down notes in the boardroom or the classroom, on your legal pad or your ipad, you will do so in style with this slim, well balanced Hi-Tech tool.

The TurboPen weighs in at 1.3 oz. and is just over 5 inches tall with a 3/8 in. diameter. Perfect dimensions to fit snugly in your hand, solid and substantial enough to give you the impression that it's writing all by itself. The ballpoint glides across the paper and the stylus silently slides around the screen. All without cramping your hand or scarring your device screen.

For less than what many charge for a non-Apple-certified charger, Minzos gives you Voltanium X. Apple-certified, tested and proven, this case will handle your power needs with ease and style. You want more and you deserve more. Minzos includes a TurboPenTM, screen protector - everything you need, right in the box.

The bright LED flashlight is a welcome bonus to have handy when you are trying to read the menu in your favorite restaurant or the playbill in the theater or at your child's recital.

The precision laser pointer will add style to your next presentation, simplify your life with the Minzos TurboPen.

Here is my experience:

This is not only my new favorite pen and stylus... it is my new favorite cat toy (the laser) lol I was happy to receive this for review and my kitty Dr. Sheldon Cooper is more pleased than I. I have even gotten our little doggie Houdini chasing it. Thanks TruCore Destributor Inc. !!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Professional 12 Set Makeup Brush Kit

Petunia Skin Care has the most amazing Brush set... Ill tell you all about it here in 10 minutes... We blew an electrical outlet and my husband just got it back on.

In the meantime... You can purchase them on Amazon HERE

Annd Im back... so sorry for the delay... It has been a rough day and now I am down on my percentage which really blisters my grits...


First, let's read a little bit by the company:

  • THE ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL STUDIO QUALITY MAKEUP BRUSH KIT - Our 12 set makeup brushes includes all the essential pieces for any type of makeup applications you desire; from eyelashes to eyebrows to eyeshadow to foundation to lips and to powder - everything you'll need on a day-to-day basis and even more, we've got you covered!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BRUSHES, HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS, AND LONG LASTING - Our sturdy wooden handles are handmade to shape and fit the grip of your hands for an easy and perfect application. Made with a combination high quality pony hair, goat hair, and synthetic hair. Natural animal hair is soft, durable, and does not hold color - allowing makeup to distribute evenly on your skin. No animals are harmed to create these natural brushes.
  • SLEEK BLACK TRAVEL POUCH - These brushes come in a convenient fold-up pouch that is easy to travel with and protect your brushes from dust and dirt. Includes free brush guards help to keep your beautiful brushes retain shape and looking great.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT OR PERSONAL KIT FOR A MAKEUP ARTIST, STYLIST, ETC. - Made with high quality materials, comes in a beautiful travel pouch, and includes all the essential pieces necessary for any makeup application you can't go wrong with choosing Petunia Skincare's 12 set makeup kit!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Backed with our lifetime guarantee we're confident you'll love our brushes, or your money back.

Here is my wonderful experience:

Now it is my turn to gloat about the amazingly wonderful brushes. Not only are they soft, the  rings are quite full of bristles... but there is one bad Ma'ama-Jamma of a case that goes with it! I can see these brushes, with the proper maintenance of course, lasting me a very, Very long time! I am so pleased that I got to review these and my total and honest opinion is You Rock Petunia Skin Care~!~

1.0 Derma Roller & Eye Serum & Anti-Aging Serum

This is an amazing trio!

You can find them on Amazon HERE

Here is a bit from the company:

The 1.0 Derma Roller by Petunia Skin Care is as listed below

  • GET TIGHTER, AND FIRMER SKIN! Recommended by The Doctors, the derma roller is the best and convenient alternative to popular cosmetic surgical procedures. The dermaroller has proven to stimulate collagen production, accelerate skin regeneration, build up pitted acne scars, reduce wrinkles, fade stretch marks, and cellulite! By derma rolling, you are essentially stimulating collagen in an area where there may not be any collagen productivity. This is great for acne scar removal.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Manufacturer's Guarantee: All Petunia Skincare products are backed up with a 90 Day, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund. Our #1 priority is your satisfaction. We are a premium skincare line dedicated to providing customers with products that yield results with no hype included. Visit for more info!
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MEDICAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL! Petunia Skincare 540 Derma Roller is made with the highest quality surgical stainless steel available. Our stainless steel needles are medical grade, the same kind that doctors, surgeons, tattooists, and acupuncturists use! Don't waste money on cheap quality derma rollers made with titanium on the market. Stainless steel offers the least reactions to the skin. Think about it, would a surgeon ever use a titanium scalpel blade, or would a tattooist use a titanium needle? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
  • THE ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING DEVICE FOR ALL YOUR SKINCARE PRODUCTS! Our micro needle roller is the best compliment for all your skincare products such as serums, creams, and gels. Microneedling allows ingredients to be absorbed faster because pores are opened from the epidermis to the dermis layer. This tool is great to use with our Hyaluronic Acid Serum, and Vitamin C Serum. It is also compatible to use with cellulite and stretch mark creams, scar gels and hair regrowth treatments. Our microneedle roller can be used alone or with products.
  • DERMA ROLLING WORKS! The skin naturally regenerates itself approx. every 28 days. With derma rolling you can encourage skin regeneration, meaning you are building new skin. This is great with lightening acne scars, dark spots and age spots as it can speed up the pace in which new skin is made to help blend to its surrounding skin. This tool will help build up dimply cellulite and stretch marks on the skin through collagen and elasticity production. Hair regrowth relies on genes that promote the growth of hair cells. The most important chemical needed in the body to promote new hair cells is human growth factor. Scientists suggest derma rolling can stimulate human growth factor. As the needles create holes along the hair line, it inflicts minor injury. Now the body must work to produce new skin the area that injured and release human growth factor and other chemicals that aid in the regrowth of thinning hair.

Here is the Anti-Aging Serum:

  • HYALURONIC ACID IS WIDELY KNOWN AS THE "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH"! Petunia Skincare's Professional Hyaluronic Acid Serum, made with the highest quality vegan-free and cruelly-free hyaluronic acid, is the ultimate anti aging and anti wrinkle solution to give you that dewy, elastic, and youthful boost in your skin. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture and water into your skin to help you achieve plump, soft, and tight skin. Fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles are filled in.
  • OUR SERUM WORKS! As we age, the hyaluronic acid content in our body naturally decreases, and as a result we must build more hyaluronic acid back into the body either through orally or topically. Our serum has been tested thoroughly and has been proven to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen.
  • PREMIUM FORMULATION! Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient in this serum, and we have combined two very important antioxidants: Vitamin C, and Ferulic Acid into our formulation. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for retaining moisture giving you skin's youthful elasticity and plumpness by trapping water in your skin. Vitamin C helps prevent aging of the skin by speeding cell regeneration, repairing free radical damage, and stimulating collagen. Ferulic acid protects the skin by neutralizing free radicals from UVA/UVB rays which would otherwise cause premature aging in the skin.
  • BEST NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - 100% CRUELTY FREE! We use only vegan, and cruelty-free formulations containing natural/organic active ingredients. No parabens, no sulfates, no gluten, no alcohol, no phthalates, and absolutely no animal testing. Our serum is made in the USA in our advanced FDA registered facility.
  • MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE - Petunia Skincare backs their products with a 90 days 100% Money Back Guaranteee - even if the bottle is empty! Try it RISK-FREE!

Here is some info on the Eye Serum:

  • SUPERIOR FORMULATION - Our eye serum is unlike any eye cream on the market. Most eye creams are thick, oily and take forever to be absorbed into the skin. We have formulated our eye serum to be lightweight with a plush and silky texture. It is easily absorbed into the skin and dries instantaneously leaving your eyes literally revitalized as have added caffeine to provide instant relief for the feeling of heavy and tired eyes.
  • DIMINISHES DARK CIRCLES, PUFFINESS AND SWOLLEN EYES - Infused with powerful and proven antioxidants, such as Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Alpha Bisabolol, Vitamin C + B3 and Caffeine, specifically targeted to reduce dark circles under the eyes and treat puffy and swollen eyes.
  • HYDRATES, FIRMS & PLUMPS SKIN - Used twice daily, Petunia Skincare's Revitalize Eye Serum will repair and protect the delicate areas around the eyes. Our formula includes the following ingredients proven to hydrate, repair and firm the skin: Sea Kelp, Sodium PCA, Vitamin C, Matrixyl 3000, Hyaluronic Acid, Pomegranate Extract, Ferulic Acid and much more
  • BEST NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - 100% CRUELTY FREE! We use only vegan, and cruelty-free formulations containing natural/organic active ingredients. No parabens, no sulfates, no gluten, no alcohol, no phthalates, and absolutely no animal testing. Our serum is made in the USA in our advanced FDA registered facility.
  • MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE - Petunia Skincare backs their products with a 90 days 100% Money Back Guaranteee - even if the bottle is empty! Try it RISK-FREE!

Here is my experience:

 When I was offered to review this triple threat *in a good way* combo, how could I go wrong??? I was a little tender after the first use of the Derma-Roller... but I was REALLY trying to get younger looking skin... apparently instantly: and that is not really how it works! Anywho, I have added all of these Petunia Skin Care products to my beauty regimen and I suggest you do as well... I am already noticing that gobble neck melting away~ Thanks Kids!!! Well I would rather be an over weight mom with chunky monkey healthy kids when they were born than worried about my weight, starving the baby and 'it' having to be in an incubator for a few days to a few months! Anywho... Petunia Skin... Get'Chu Sum!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Organic Rosehip Oil - 100% Natural Anti-Aging Facial

Up for review today is the Organic Rosehip oil. I had my doubts at first because the original bottle I received smelled funny, however after contacting the company *which might I add has amazing customer service!* I was sent a new bottle and it smelled just fine and works amazingly!

You can purchase some on Amazon HERE

Here is some information from the company:

Organic Rosehip Oil - 100% Natural Anti-Aging Facial Treatment- Vitamin C + A - Healing Skin Oil Used For Generations

  • REDUCES FINE LINES & WRINKLES - powerful Vitamin C and Lycopene antioxidants promote healthy cell development, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protecting the skin from free radicals which lead to premature aging.

    REDUCES SCARS & BURNS - the presence of high levels of essential fatty acids, which cannot be naturally reproduced by our bodies, work to heal and speed up cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of scars and burns. Naturally occurring vitamin A in Rosehip Oil helps heal and improve scar tissue left behind by acne, dermatitis and psoriasis scarring.

    REHYDRATES SKIN - essential fatty acids work to lock in moisture, hydrate the skin and keep it soft and supple. Get ready to improve your complexion and face the elements.

    EVENS SKIN TONE - repair skin discoloration and damage caused by environmental stresses such as UV damage from overexposure to the sun. Hyper-pigmentation and age spots are dramatically reduced with continued use.

    STRENGTHENS NAILS & HAIR - replenish dry, brittle and damaged hair with density, instant shine and smoothness. Nourish your nails and cuticles to prevent hangnails and breakage.

Fatty Acids – Oleic acid or omega-9 is incorporated in moisturizers to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Essential fatty acids – linoleic (omega-6) and linolenic (omega-3) are important components of cell membranes. They allow nutrients to enter the cells and wastes to exit. The lack of essential fatty acids can cause your skin to suffer from dryness and premature aging.

Vitamin C – This powerful antioxidant protects our skin from free radicals developed due to excess exposure to the sun and environmental pollution that leads to wrinkles. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen and rejuvenates your skin by restoring its elasticity giving it a youthful and healthy looking glow. It also plays an important role in improving the health of your hair and nails. Vitamin C promotes hair growth and nourishes your nails to prevent breakage.

Vitamin A – The naturally occurring vitamin A in Rosehip Oil helps combat wrinkles, sun damage, minor discoloration, hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Additionally, this potent vitamin works wonders on treating all kinds of scar tissue and burns. Although vitamin A and vitamin C offer similar skin care benefits, the combination of both on your skin leads to “complexion perfection”.

Revitalize and hydrate your skin with this 100 Natural Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

The various components of our Rosehip Oil bring about a unique combination that is great for the skin. Its antioxidants are effective in reducing and slowing the signs of aging.

Here is my experience:

Like I said I was reluctant at first, however, after receiving my second bottle I am completely happy with the results. I live in the desert when my skin is always dry and so is my hair. This has given my elbows and my tips life!! I am really happy with the results! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Credit Card-Sized External Battery Charger

I was so ecstatic to receive the Credit Card-Sized External Battery Charger!

You can purchase one for yourself on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

Power Theory® Credit Card-Sized 2500mAh Portable Charger External Battery Pack with built-in USB & Apple® Lightning Cable. The PowerCard is a Lightweight Backup Phone Power Bank That Fits in a Pocket or Wallet and Works Great for iPhone 5/6, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus and More.

  • THE POWERCARD - A PERFECT COMBINATION OF POWER, SIZE & WEIGHT. Many products claim to be "the world's thinnest, lightest power bank". Usually that just means they don't have enough juice to actually charge your phone enough to use it. If you compare our ratio of weight (60g/2.1oz), to compact size (3.75 x 2.4 x 1/4 inches) to powerful charge (2500 mAh Real Capacity) you will not find a better external battery charger for emergency situations or those days where you need a little extra power.

    NO MORE FUSSING AROUND IN YOUR BAG FOR ANNOYING CHARGING CABLES. A portable battery charger is not really portable if you have to also carry the cables that easily break or tangle. Our smartly designed external power bank has a built-in Micro USB and Apple Lightning Cable meaning you have everything need to charge your phone when you need it the most.

    NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY POWER AGAIN. External battery packs are a great idea in theory, but we found that we never seemed to have them on hand when we needed them the most. To solve this we designed the PowerCard. Our lightweight design means you can always carry the charger with you whether you are out on business, travel or at a restaurant. Our A+ Li-Polymer battery cell (2500 mAh) means that you can depend on the PowerCard to fully charge almost all smartphones.

Here is my experience:

I simply love this charger and it fits so well inside any of my purses. I am for all the time going somewhere with my kids and they are for all the time running down my phone playing apps patiently waiting while I do errands and running around town. This small compact charger adds another life back to my phone after they run it down to dead. I am very pleased with this product and the sellers! Thanks Power Theory!!! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shine Whitening - Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Shine Whitening - Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening system is a great way to get your smile back to that pearly white smile that we all should have.

You can purchase the Shine Whitening kit on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

  • Includes: (2) 10cc screw-cap syringes, Whitening LED light, retainer case
    Zero-Peroxide formula guarantees no sensitivity on gum or teeth
    Uses botanical ingredients made in the USA
    LED light helps speed-up the whitening process, same light used at professional whitening centers
    Easy-to-use trays form to your mouth, making the whitening experience even across the surface of your teeth
Here is my experience:

Even though I have pretty straight teeth, I am like everyone else and am susceptible to stains. After trying the Shine Whitening kit I could noticeably tell a difference in coloring. Although the 2 syringe kit did not make my mouth completely white, I would definitely have those white results after a few more uses. The retainers fit nicely in my mouth and were not too big or too small. I also did not have any sensitivity to my teeth like after getting a cleaning at the dentist. A very affordable method for getting that 'at the dentist' look. I did receive this for review purposes.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Stainless Steel Luxury Tweezer Set

I just love the tweezer set from JC Tech Interprises LLC.

You can purchase them from Amazon: HERE

Here is a bit from the company:

ABSOLUTE HIGHEST QUALITY! - Never deal with low quality tweezers again! Our stainless steel professional tweezers have perfect alignment and will never rust. Grip any hair, from baby fine to coarse, the first time - everytime!
Make a one-time investment in our Four Piece set of professional tweezers and you will never go back to a cheap store brand

Here is my experience:

This set of tweezers is amazing! Share and percise and gets those fine hairs that all other tweezers have a hard time grabbing. Totally pleased with this product I was given the chance to review. I am so happy with this product I recommend it to all my hair plucking fans!!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Texting Gloves for Smartphone & Touchscreen

I am always on my cellphone and in the winter the Texting Gloves for Smartphone & Touchscreen helped keep my hands warm and my mind busy~!~

You can purchase them from Amazon HERE

Here is a bit from the company:

  • TEXTING GLOVES ~ Decide to type smart in the cold! No more numb fingers in the name of wintertime texting.
    SMART TOUCH GLOVES ~ You'll LOVE the luxurious, soft feel of this premium material and brushed interior.
    SMARTPHONE GLOVES ~ Buy a couple pairs now! Everyone in the family gets cold outside, but who can let their phone go? You've got 'em covered.
    WINTER TOUCHSCREEN GLOVES ~ Our latest "Touch-nology" is all wrapped up in your fingertips for smart, fun, warm smarphone love oudoors.
    100% Winter-Smart "Wear-antee"! Don't LOVE our iPhone Gloves for any reason at all? Just let us know for a FULL Refund. Your Satisfaction is our #1 Priority!

But Baby, it's Cold Outside...
Don't let the cold cramp your style! These premium Smart Gloves utilize our most recent "Touch-nology" to keep your fingers cozy, comfortable, and doing all the things warm fingers do best, like:
*texting in the nippy air on your Smartphone
*using a find-my-car app in a freezing parking lot
*placing phone calls during snowball fights with no interruption
*snapping that perfect wintry shot on your iPhone
You'll LOVE how they FEEL... 
iGotTech's #1 Best Gloves are made with attention to detail of premium materials for comfort & durability. Enjoy a full Season or more of warm-fingered texting bliss with every pair.
Our Famous 100% Winter-Smart "Wear-antee". 
If our #1 Best Gloves construction quality, or anything about our product is not up to par: WE WANT TO KNOW. Our Top Priority is your satisfaction, and stand behind our premium products. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return your purchase for a 100% refund, no questions asked. You literally RISK NOTHING trying this Premium Product Today.
> Get 1 Pair for your chilly hands & Extras for your phone-loving family members!

Here is my experience:

I could not be more thrilled that I got these smart gloves for review. As a matter of fact they have been stolen from me many times by my husband. I would go looking for them and not being able to find them ask him if he had seen them and he would hand them to me out of his jacket! They work perfectly!!! #Score

Paracord Survival Bracelet Review

I was thrilled to have the chance to review the Paracord Survival Bracelet.

You can purchase on Amazon HERE

Here is a bit from the company:

"This 4-in-1 Survival Bracelet Could Save Your Life"

Over 92% of people don't plan for emergency situations. They don't believe it could happen to them. They believe common sense and being careful are enough. It isn't. Deadly situations can happen to very smart and very prepared people. Proper planning can and will save your life.

This survival bracelet offers the following life-saving tools:

- 16 feet of very strong, military-style parachute cord
- Serrated wood saw designed to rip through wood with ease
- Fire Starter Rod. Easily create a shower of molten sparks: simply run buckle firmly/quickly against rod.
- Rope has built-in reflective strands to stand out even in the faintest light

Possible Life-Saving Examples:

Fire Starter Rod

- Starting fires for warmth, food, boiling water, cauterizing wounds, etc..
- Signalling for help with ultra-bright sparks
- Scaring off animals

- Make a tourniquet to slow down/stop bleeding
- Make a splint/arm sling
- Use individual strands for a fishing line
- Support a simple shelter
- Help climbing up/down steep slopes


- Fashion Spears
- Alter gear
- Saw branches to size for tools, gear, first aid, etc...

Reflective Stitching

- Get noticed and found in the dark quicker
- Tie around branches to leave an easily spotted "breadcrumb" trail

100% Lifetime Guarantee: Return for ANY reason at ANY time. Your complete satisfaction is our only goal.

Here is my experience:

Even though I have not had a chance to use all its features the Paracord Survival Bracelet is an amazing design. The features it offers would be quite handy in any camping or outdoor experience. Since I am not the outdoorsie type I gave this to my husband who says this is the coolest bracelet I could get him. #NailedIt ~!~

3-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base

I was very excited to have a chance to review the 3 in 1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base.

You can Purchase the 3 in 1 Flashlight HERE

Here is a bit from the company:

AYL LED CREE XP-E Car Flashlight; When Safety, Versatility and Security Matter!
Does the idea of carrying a bulky flashlight turn you off?
Or are you concerned about the cost of replacing flashlight batteries on a regular basis?

The truth is that, working with flashlights that produce unsatisfactory light can be frustrating to many people. Others find the usual flashlights quiet rigid hence can't be used in varied situations.
That is not the situation with the revolutionary CREE XP-E LED Car Flashlight!

The CREE XP-E LED Flashlight stands out as a 3-in-1 convenient lighting source; with a design that allows versatility for use in different scenarios.

Why choose the AYL LED Car Flashlight?

- It features a rugged and high quality military-grade design for durability and versatility. It can be used in a variety of applications which include cars, bikes, home, etc.
- The flashlight comes with an anodized aluminium body which is resistant to various elements of weather
- It is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
- It is quite versatile and comes with a total of 29 LEDS (18 white LEDs and 11 red LED)
- It comes in a user-friendly design. It features a magnetic base that can be stuck on any metallic surface
- It comes with 3 light options; Cree, White, and flashing Red LED for improved visibility
- The bulbs can last for more than 100,000 hours
- Easy operation: 1st click turns the CREE LED, 2nd click lights-up the 18 white LED, while 3rd click turns on RED LED

Here is my experience:

My husband absolutely loves this flashlight. He says that the fact that it is most beneficial when he is working under the hood of our car. The light is very bright and it is very durable. I would highly recommend this for any household.

Baby Diaper Bag

This is the cutest baby diaper bag!

You can Purchase on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

  • 1. MADE BY PARENTS, FOR PARENTS - Designed with you in mind, the Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer is the first baby bag actually designed with the needs of parents in mind. We're real parents and we've created a real product based on our frustrations with what was available. Don't you love a product that can GROW with your child? Our Stroller Organizer will last for YEARS!
    2. GET A FREE COPY OF OUR EBOOK FROM MOM TO MOM WITH EVERY ORDER - We've created an exclusive parenting guide-From Mom To Mom-a summary of the advice, experiences, and tips developed from our parenting experience and the knowledge of other mothers. We've put everything that we've learned about parenting in this simple, easy to read and informative guide, and we're giving a free copy away with every Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer!
    3. VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Designed to fit any stroller, car headrest, or bike-this is a baby diaper bag that you can truly take anywhere and adapt to any propose. Every design element and feature was created to help you be a more efficient parent. Tons of storage, separated compartments, insulated bottle holders, a pacifier pouch, key and phone pockets, and even external diaper storage-the Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer is the ultimate parenting tool box.
    4. IT GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD - Versatility means room to grow with your child! The Children 'n Us Stroller Organizer is adaptable to multiple functions. It's not just a baby bag. It's a toddler bag and pre-teen bag too! An awesome Baby Shower Gift Bag!
Here is my Experience

I just think this is the neatest idea. I always need more space to put things in with my kids. Usually the stroller I use does not have enough room for the big bulky bags I carry. This one attaches easily to the handles and is right that for instant access. I did receive this for review. The quality is very nice and it is very well made. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Learning Success

Purchase HERE

I had the opportunity to review this wonderful system.

Here is a bit from the company:

The learning success program is a simple do-at-home program that will show you how to find the core problems and overcome them. Learning is made up of basic core skills. There are 16 of them in all. Typical learning difficulties are small weaknesses in a combination of two or three of these skills. Helps overcome learning difficulties such as:
  • Dyslexia
Each of these terms simply means that there is a weakness in two or more of these basic learning skills. But it doesn't define which. Once you get started in the course you'll quickly find the trouble spots. Once you do that your child will be on the path to learning success. You will learn simple exercises that strengthen the skills needed for successful learning. Modern scientific breakthroughs have discovered a number of methods for overcoming these problems. Once you do your child will actually enjoy homework.

The normal price for this course is $564

The course is delivered via email. You will recieve emails each day with exercises you simply print out and do with your child. Takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes 3-5 days per week. Results are typically seen starting at about 3 months but can come earlier. Severe problems will take approximately 1 year to overcome. We will continue delivering exercises for one year or until you cancel.

My Experience:

Although my children do not have any of the disabilities listed, I did go through the emails and blogs that were available. I have a friend that has an autistic son who utilized quite a few of the activities. Very happy with this system.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

True Skin Care Under Eye Gel

You can find and purchase Here

Here is a bit from the Company:

True Skin Care’s soothing under eye gel with Vitamin C. Made with natural ingredients such as Cucumber and Green Tea combats the aging of skin and puts an end to dark circles and puffy skin under your eyes. Unscented gel appeals to both men and women.

Here is my experience:

Although I have used many of eye gels before this is one of those that truly works with time. I found that my bags have been tightened and lifted and my eyes seem brighter and more full. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is trying to lift their under eye baggage. I received this for review purposes.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Premium Delicates Laundry Bags

You can purchase the Premium Dedicates Laundry Bags by InsideSmart from Amazon HERE

Here is a Little bit from the Company:

Your Laundry. Done Smarter.

1) Dedicates Laundry Bag Perfection.
If you've tried any ordinary laundry wash bags, you'll notice the InsideSmarts difference in no time. These #1 Rated Wash Bags are made of premium-grade mesh that makes them as strong & durable as they are luxurious & smooth.

2) Everything in its Place.
This popular lingerie wash bag set ships to you with 4 Luxury Wash Bags (2 medium, 2 large). Keep like-colors separated using the 3 white wash bags for light-colored loads, and the 1 large black bag for dark-colored items.

3) Every Wash: Quiet & Safe. 
Zippered mesh laundry bags can be noisy, but not this new, 2015 Dedicates Wash Bag design. Slip the rustproof zipper under the smart zipper guard to protect & ensure a quiet, snag-free wash.

Here is my Experience

Just like any other laundry bag these keep your clothes from getting tangled and wrangled in your washing machine. The big bonus about these are that the mesh is so small my bra hooks don't get caught in it like some of the other bags. I really like these and am glad that I got to review them. They are well made and seem like they will last quite a while.