Monday, October 27, 2014

SPOILER :) Holiday Hacks Box BirchBox Nov. 2014

Wanted to come tell you guys about how my Subscription experience is going so far. Well as far as I can tell they ALL love my Money! lol no for realz tho'... I just ... haha My hubs just got his 2nd Birchbox for him today for the month of November 2014. He got some pretty cool stuff Ill post later when I get my Nov. box so keep a look out. I am currently waiting on ELF (eyes lips and face) and Sample Society Mystery Sample pack A to come in the mail on Halloween... which is my 4th wedding anniversary :D Check out the links^^ to see the great deals. I will be posting about these when I get them  :)

Anywho the reason I wanted to come by and post today is because I was eligible for Birchboxes Sample Choice gift this month.. and I have to day that I am totally stoked to get my 'The Happy Holidays Hack Box" as my monthly box. Here is a glimps of what is to come: Spoiler Alert!!!

SoOoO Who got this... and who has had these products? and Who is as stoked as I am???

L8r tater :*

Friday, October 24, 2014

Birchbox October 2014 Men and Women Double Unboxing

Super stoked to finally be able to let you guys know how my First subscription box is! Both my husband and I received boxes this month to BirchBox. Here is a link to my referral if you are interested :)  Birchbox referral link :)

 Birchbox October 2014 Womens 

Ok so on to my first box! First up I will talk about the October 2014 BirchBox for Women. I have to say I was super happy that there were no foil packs in this box! I was so excited to get this in the mail... a little worried because I have done a lot of research and it is hit and miss with this one... but I have to say I was SUPER impressed with my sample sizes! The theme for this month was Obsessed: Addicted: Cant get enough: Hold My Calls! Which is totally how I felt as soon as I discovered subscription boxes *Now I have around 9 subscriptions I will link them at the bottom of this blog :)*

Alright lets get started! I will show the picture first and then underneath I will have the description of each item :)


The first Item Id like to talk about is the Beauty Protector: leave in conditioner (the red spray bottle). It is a 1.2 fluid oz which I would say is a pretty good sample size. The card says: Best-selling elixir that locks in color, protects from heat damage, and adds silkiness. The smell of this is absolutely Amazing! I will definately be buying the full size of this. Which is valued at $21.95.


Ok so the next thing I want to tell you about is the LuMesh Hydrating Lip Gloss. This is a typical sample size. And I have to say the texture and the smoothness of the gloss is great! It is described as: Theis high-shine gloss delivers color packed with moisturzing, antiaging botanicals. The full size of this lip gloss is $24.


So this next item I was not really stoked about. I do not usually wear browns. This is Coastal Scents  Revealed 2 eye shadow palette set. Versatile range of rose-tented shadows that will round out your beauty arsenal.  I saw the full sized online and I have to say I very much enjoy the other colors in the pallet, wish I could have gotten some of the purples that it has in it. Not mad at it... but not a fav! The full size is valued at $34.

So this next item is another one of my favorites! It is TOCCA Crema da Mano, Bianca. This is a green tea and lemon hand cream. It is very hydrating and really good for the winter... going straight in my purse. Information provided says: Loaded with nourishing botanicals, this green tea and lemon lotion absorbs in a flash. Im totz keeping this one. It is a 1 fluid oz sample size... pretty good size perfect for my purse! Smells great, super silky! Full size valued at $10. 


So the last item in by first Birchbox is the SuKi exfoliate foaming cleanser. I have to say that the sample size is about 1-2 uses Maybe 3 if you are lucky. But the smell is so intoxicating! This is described as: Two-in-one cleanser and exfoliator that rejuvenates skin and smells deliciously lemony. It is a little too course for my skin so I doubt I will buy a full sized product, however I am interested in other products from this brand because of the scent alone! The full sized value of this item is $32.95. 

That is all for my Birchbox Woman's box for the month of October 2014. I am impressed enough that I will continue to subscribe. Pretty happy with Birchbox at the moment I have to say!

Nowwww On to the Hubz box!

Birchbox October 2014 Men's 


So really impressed with my husbands Birchbox this month! I was afraid he would get a lot of products he would not use like face and hair stuff... but the turn out was really good! I did select the 'geek' option on his box so that may have helped out a little bit :)  The theme of the October 2014 Birchbox for Men is: Fanfare... basically based around sports. Inspired by THE LEAGUE. Ok Lets dig in


So impressed with the smell of this deodorant! It seems to be a deluxe sized product, full size is at 2.65 oz. Baster of California is Aluminum-free deodorant made with tea tree oil and chamomile for colling, all-day comfort. Pretty impressed with the over all scent, texture, and product size. This is valued at $18.


This has to be my  husbands favorite item in the box. It is pretty heavy so the weight seems to be able to hold your cords on your desk with out them slipping off. Quirky Organizer Duo A pair of smart accessory to keep cords, devices, and small items secure amid the bustle. This product is valued at $9.98. Great Product!


This has to be the coolest thing I think in the man box. It is a full sized chipotle paste. Add this paste to sandwiches, pastas, dips, and stews to elevate the flavor. Mix it with mayo to craft the mother of all condiments. This is a full size 4 oz tube... very impressed with this item. It is valued at $6.99.


This is the best smelling item. The sample seems only about 3 quarters of the way full though. Atelier Cologne: Santal Carmin Cologne Absolue: A soulful, sophisticated fragrance, from top notes of bergamot to a base of Indian papyrus. This full size item is valued from $195-265. Whoa! But you know what... the smell is worth it!


So the last item in my husbands first Birchbox is the same thing that I also had.  The SuKi exfoliate foaming cleanser. I have to say that the sample size is about 1-2 uses Maybe 3 if you are lucky. (now times 2 lol)  But the smell is so intoxicating! This is described as: Two-in-one cleanser and exfoliator that rejuvenates skin and smells deliciously lemony. It is a little too course for my skin so I doubt I will buy a full sized product, however I am interested in other products from this brand because of the scent alone! The full sized value of this item is $32.95. 

All and All pretty impressed with both boxes this month. I am more impressed with the Men's Birchbox because of all the full sized items! However the price of the men's is twice as much as the women's... So here is what everyone is waiting for the tallies!


Cost: $10
All items Full Sized: about $133.00 however with the sample sizes Id say that there is about $25-$30 worth of product in this box


Cost: $20
All items Full Sized: about $333.00! Oh Wow! But they were not all full sized so that puts it down to: about $55.00  not too bad! Seeing that there were 3 full sized products.

I would like to thank you guys for checking out my very first blog on Birchbox Men's vs. Women's. Definitely the Men's won this one! I think my husband is only getting one more of these because I have subscribed him to 420goodybox because he will get more use out of that lol. Please check out my links to the right and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I will follow back!!!

Until next time :) 

Here are the subscriptions I subscribe: GlossyBox (beauty), Ipsy referral link (beauty), lipmonthly referral link (beauty. use FALL5 for first bag only $5) , darbysmart referral link (crafts), ,  Walmart Beautybox ONLY $5! (beauty),  ELF Beauty Bundle , Sample Society use this code: TOEJ7156, 420goodybox (referral link coming soon :/ )

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The wait is Real Son!

So now that I have this new found addiction... I am checking my email like crack! Needless to say I have a BB on its way and Im hoping it is here tomorrow. Also my hubz got an email yesterday saying that his 420Goodybox will be late and here on the 30th of October '14. Im super stoked for that one too!

I dont know how I ever lived with out these little boxes! I have found a website: There is a WHOLE LIST of freakin' boxes... They range from like 200$ to 0-1$. 

List of Subscription Boxes from mysubscriptionaddiction

I am curious if there are any boxes out there for multiple children? Like you buy one for a 2y.o then you add the second child (Say 4y.o) for $$+shipping (which would be a lesser rate because you are a repeat customer) I know there are kid boxes but do any cater to different aged kids with like a discount if you pay for more than one... This I ponder as I continue my search to make my husband get a second job lol. just/kidz :) 


Monday, October 20, 2014

In the Beginning

Hello y'all!

So I started this blog because of my new found addiction for box/bag subscriptions. Im such a newb >.< and apparently far out of the loop! Because I am just now getting my first subscriptions up and going this month. I am going to be reviewing Birchbox, 420GoodyBox, DarbySmart and Ipsy as soon as they get here. I thought though that I would go ahead and create a new blog so that I can post here as soon as they come in. I also just found out about Boxycharm and unfortunately am on a waiting list :( Which makes me super sad because their product looks amazing and I cant wait to try it.

Well I suppose that is all for now for my first post! Oh I guess you guys might want to know some stuff about me. I am a full time Mommy and Wife. I have 2 amazing children four and two. If I am not cleaning the house I am cleaning up poop usually... speaking of which... the boy has a full set that needs my attention.
Until next time... and hopefully with a box to share!