Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weight Loss Belt by Your Weight

I got the opportunity to review the Weight Loss Belt by Your Weight and I am super pleased with the results. But First:

You Can Purchase it HERE on Amazon.

Here is a little from the Company:

Weight loss belt made of strong stetchable neoprene, comes in 2 adjustable Velcro sizes (s/m & l/xl), providing a comfortable fit and essential lower back support to help you burn fat, promote loss of excess water weight, strengthen muscle, trim & tone the waistline, and surround sore muscles with natural body generated moist heat; important for muscle recovery

Here is My Experience:

This post is going to  be a little short because my space bar broke!

I love the Weight Loss Belt  by Your Weight! Every time I am up cleaning or outside walking the dog I wear this! It helps consentrate the sweat directly to your tummy helping burn off that belly weight. I highly recommend this product!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle

Got this in the mail and 30 minutes later my daughter lost half of it. Luckily I did try it once. This is going to short and sweet because Im late and I will re-vamp later

Purchase from Amazon HERE

Here is a bit from the company:

Are you ready to send your dog to charm school? 

Well, you can stop looking now as you've come across the best ultrasonic dog training whistle on Amazon. 

CLD BrandsTM whistle can be your most effective tool for teaching your dog to follow basic commands. When was the last time you said "COME" and your dog came to you; "SIT" and they sat; "STAY" and they stayed put? CLD BrandsTM understands! And, with a little bit of time, patience, practice and repetition you can train your dog for pennies on the dollar. 

• Adjustable pitch whistle simply tighten or loosen the screw to work out your dog's frequency. NOTE: This whistle is audible to the human ear which is essential to gauge its efficiency 
• Ideal for summoning your pet without disturbing the neighbors 
• It is lightweight and may be worn on a key chain, or on a string or lanyard around neck. It even fits nicely in your pocket 
• Great for sporting events, as a safety whistle, for party favors or dog training 
• It is a safe and highly efficient product for pet education 

• 1 Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle 
• eBook with Training Tips for Your Dog and INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE TRAINING WHISTLE. 

Buy one for you and one to share! 

Copyright © CLD BrandsTM 2014. Sold Exclusively By CLD BrandsTM and its Authorized Dealers.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Vitamin C Serum by Naturalico

Today I will review for you Vitamin C Serum by Naturalico.

You can find the Vitamin C Serum HERE on Amazon!

Here is a little bit from the Company:

Experience The Anti Aging Power Of Vitamin C + E + Hyaluronic Acid & Instantly Gain Brighter More Radiant Beautiful Skin Upon Application. 

You Won't Find A Better Higher Quality, More Potent Effective Vitamin C Serum On The Market - with Pure 98% Natural 72% Organic ingredients

Truly the Best Vitamin C Serum on the Market Today
Nowadays, you can find a multitude of anti aging serum options, but none of these products can truly compare to our Vitamin C Serum. Only the finest of natural ingredients like pure sea buckthorn oil, organic hyaluronic acid and organic rosehip oil are included in our revolutionary formula.

A Multitude of Benefits From One Face Serum
Our combination vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum simultaneously addresses existing damage while providing potent antioxidant protection from oxidative damage. While vitamin C brightens the skin and stimulates the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid binds moisture to the skin, keeping it properly hydrated and making fine lines and wrinkles less deep. You can even tackle those unsightly age spots with the brightening power of our anti aging serum. Rigorously tested, our face serum truly lives up to its promise and can make a difference in the firmness, radiance and youthfulness of your skin.

The Natural Anti Wrinkle Serum for All Skin Types
Our formula is ideal for all skin types and can be used at any age to fight wrinkles and promote a gorgeous complexion.

It's time to fight back against environmental damage and the natural aging process. Turn back the clock and restore youthfulness to your complexion.

Here is my experience:

I do not know what it is about this vitamin C that is different than the others I have tried but it truly has fluffed, puffed, and brightened my skin! I did receive this for review purposes. However I am delightfully surprised at how well my skin looks after only 1 week! Living in the desert during the winter time is really harsh and I have even found that it brightens up the tips of my hair to in this dry, brittle weather.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Body Merry Age Defense Eye Cream

When it comes to eye cream I am all over any type of promotion because I have the dreaded bags... thanks grandma! But to my surprise Body Merry Age Defense Eye Cream has put those bad boys at bay!

Want to try for yourself? You can purchase it on Amazon HERE

Here is a little bit from the company:

Body Merry's Age Defense Eye Cream is a comprehensive solution for all your eye concerns - whether its dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, crow’s feet, fine lines, dryness, sags or bags. It is the only eye cream on the market that has 70+ power packed ingredients including: Vitamins C + E + B5, Peptide Complex, Amino Acid Emulsification, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Antioxidants, MSM and many many more!
This cream goes easy on your eyes since we reject the idea of using harsh chemicals for the delicate eye area and use natural and organic ingredients instead (Aloe, Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Cranberry, Licorice, Sunflower Oil, Borage Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Cocoa Butter, Cucumber, Green Tea - to name just a few!).
It works great on all skin types and continued use leaves your skin looking and feeling firm, plump and young. Get fast and lasting results and be at the receiving end of compliments!

Here is my Experience:

Over all I enjoy Body Merry Products and this eye cream is no different. I did notice a difference in the size of the bags under my eyes in about 2-3 uses. I know I review a lot of products but I try to only review one item at a time if it is a cream or serum that way I know it works or not. I did receive this product for review and just like every other Body Merry product I am pleased with the results.

Belle Watch & Bracelet combo

I was given the opportunity to review a Watch and Bracelet combo by Belle. I was super excited when I was chosen to review this beautifully woven watch and bracelet. 

If you are interested in purchasing this duo you can do that on Amazon: HERE

When I received the package from amazon it came in this cute little pouch! 

When I opened the pouch I was delighted by the smell, the look, and the over all feel of the set!

Here is a little bit from the company:

  • #DESIGNED IN FRANCE, PARIS# - Designed by a well-known vintage style clothes and accessories artist designer - Belle Ouelette. Belle Ouelette states that her life's purpose is to express her own vintage charm throughout the unique shapes and designs on vintage / retro girl's fashion accessories, girl's clothes, and girl's watches.
  • #PACKAGE INCLUDES# - 1 x Adorable Belle Leather Bracelet Watch (Including Batteries), 1 x Beautiful Charms Belle Bracelet, 1 x One Lovely Carrying Bag
  • #HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS# - Quartz movement watch, long lifetime, professionally made out of high quality materials.
  • #HANDMADE# - this amazing weaved leather bracelet with watch beads for girls and ladies with brown leather belt and a buckle design has been made by hand with extreme caution to provide the highest quality standard for a PU Leather Wrist Watches for Women
  • #100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE# - Unlike other companies, WE STAND BEHIND OUR BRAND - BELLE (TM) and provide 100% full money back guarantee, If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love your Belle Bracelet Watch, Just return it, and we'll refund every penny (or replace it according to what you'll choose).

  • Here is my experience:

    I am in super love with this set! It is so pretty and adds a touch of class to anything I wear. I believe that the leather makes it pop. It keeps perfect time and is very well made. I did have an issue with one of the straps coming loose but luckily I have a very crafty knack of getting things back together. The issue had no affect in the wearing of either of the bracelets. The watch keeps perfect time. It is the perfect accessory for dressing up or down any outfit.

    Saturday, January 24, 2015

    ABC Flashcards

    When it comes to the alphabet my 3 year old son has it down pat... or so he thought. Just singing the ABC's is not enough when you have a bright eyed little boy sponge waiting to absorb all the info you can throw at him. So when I had the opportunity to review the ABC flash cards I was super excited to try these out with my boogums. 

    You can purchase ABC Flashcards HERE from amazon.

    Here is a little bit from the company:

    A is for Apple...
    D is for Doggie...
    U is for Underwear!
    The ABCs burst brilliantly on to the page in this alphabet flash card book by blogger Secret Agent Josephine, a.k.a. Brenda Ponnay. Children will delight in the colorful illustrations and simple text.

    This alphabet book is an ideal introduction to the alphabet -- the large letters are front and center in this book specially formatted for e-readers and Fire devices. Based on flashcards developed for her blog readers, this ABC book has been featured on Alpha Mom, The Pioneer Woman and many more! 

    Here is my experience:

    My son can not get enough of these flash cards. He is all about his ABC's right now and that means that the ABC flash cards have won the mom test. He already knows so much from a popular 'you can read' program that these flash cards are an awesome booster.

    Tuesday, January 20, 2015

    Reach it Grab it Reacher Grabber Pick Stick

    I know that sometimes when the arthritis is acting up in my back that I have a hard time picking up things off the ground... Well not now, not with the Reach it Grab it~!~

    Get your Reach it Grab it Here

    Here is a bit from the Company:

    The secret to eliminating hand, arm, back and knee strain... 
    Finding it a struggle to reach, stretch and bend? If simple tasks are no longer so easy 'Reach it Grab it' is the perfect solution. It's firm and accurate grip, allows you to pick almost anything, in fact its so accurate it can pick up a cent! 
    The best multi-purpose reacher grabber that gives you the easy way to pick up and clean up! 
    • Easy to use, perfect for the old and young 
    • Strong grip with and non-slip jaws 
    • Reliable smooth mechanism made from high quality precision components 
    • Sturdy construction for years of happy grabbing 
    • Easy to use ergonomic design
    Benefits of 'Reach it Grab it' 
    • Improves quality of life for people with back pain including spinal injuries, arthritis, knee, hip and joint pain that would otherwise be too difficult or too painful. 
    • Picking up objects dropped/lost in tight spaces can be difficult even when using a normal reaching aid. Our 'Reach it Grab it' has a swivel head, that offers a full 90 degree turning angle, almost anywhere is accessible. 
    • High grade aluminium construction means that it won't rust, making it suitable for all outdoors work including removing pond debris and litter picking.

    My Experience

    When bending over is a pain... grab the Reach it Grab it because it can get the job done for you. I really am enjoying this product I received for review and I dont know how I have lived with out it. I am for all the time having to bend over to pick up little toys off of the ground from my kids. Well now my job as a mom is a little bit easier. I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back a couple years ago and it seems it is just getting worse. The Reach it Grab it has helped me so many times since receiving that I give it an A+++++. 

    Monday, January 19, 2015

    Digital Crayon Stylus for Tablets & Smartphones

    I was given the opportunity to review a digital crayon stylus for tablets and smartphones. Painting with LULU Digital Crayon provides users with a 'real crayon-like' drawing experience on smartphones and tablets which may be also used with the Painting Lulu coloring app for Android, Apple and Amazon devices.

    Sold yet??? You can Purchase Here from Amazon.

    Here is a little bit from the company:

    - Fun "crayon-like" experience - enhance any drawing and coloring on touch screens
    - Perfect for helping kids with hand-eye coordination along with learning to color
    - Smooth touch & thick grip makes it easy to hold and feels natural to kids
    - Comes with the official "Painting Lulu" coloring App that inspire kids creativity
    - Soft rubber tip prevents any damage to touch screens devices

    The Painting Lulu Digital Crayon provides a "real crayon-like" drawing experience on smartphones and tablets. compatible with iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Galaxy and many more.. Painting Lulu Digital Crayon can be also used with the Painting Lulu coloring app for Android, Apple and Amazon devices.

    Get our free app, simply scan the QR code located on the front of this package using any QR scanner app, which will immediately launch the Painting Lulu coloring app on your device that offers many great drawings, painting tools and much more. It's that easy! Use the digital crayon on the Painting Lulu app, pick a drawing, and color away!

    Please Note: - CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts - Not for children under 3 years.

    My Experience:

    The Painting with Lulu is an amazing digital crayon. I have a 3 and 5 year old and they are so hard on our technological devices. The soft rubber tip is perfect for those little hands that like to SMASH the regular stylus on the device or crayon on the paper. You do have to tap it a little harder to get it to register on things other than the painting... but what kid doesn't slam their pointing device to make it register? All and all the Painting with Lulu Digital Stylus is a great edition to  your little ones creative collection. I did receive this Orange Lulu Stylus for review purposes... and my littles picks it up every day and uses it! I have to get the other colors!

    Sunday, January 18, 2015

    Tanors Wine Decanter Aerator

    I was given the chance to review a Wine Breather that I would love to tell you guys about. I am not a big wine drinker myself so I have to tell this story second hand!

    You can purchase Tanors Winer Decanter Aerator Here

    Here is a little bit from the Company:

  • EXPERTLY DESIGNED SPIRIT AERATOR: There are plenty of aerators on the market, but none of them can match the quality design of Tanors Platinum Wine Aerator. You'll never have to worry about overflow, leaks, or spills, as it is easy to use and built to last.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We take tremendous pride in our products and personally guarantee that the Tanors Platinum Wine Aerator will have a tremendous impact on how you drink your wine and spirits
  • PERFECT FOR A VARIETY OF LIQUIDS: The Tanors Platinum Wine Aerator isn't just for wine; it can easily be used to decant any spirit of your choice. If you want to pour some fine scotch or whisky into the Tanors Platinum Wine Aerator and let it breath for a little bit, you can easily do so. It is easy to clean, which means you can decant red and white wine, along with other types of spirits without fear of leaving any type of stains.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: If any of your friends and family are adamant wine enthusiasts, then they likely love to let their wine breath before they drink it in order to enhance the flavor. If you really want to make an impression on them, the Tanors Platinum Wine Aerator makes a fantastic gift for both wine aficionados and individuals who just like to enjoy the occasional spirit!
  • EASY TO USE: Whether you're a beginner or consider yourself an expert on wine, anyone can use the Tanors Platinum Wine Aerator with little to no hassle. It's designed specifically with the customer in mind, which means you won't encounter any issues when using it.

    Here is My Experience

  • Like I said I am not a big wine drinker... however my mom is... so I sent this right to her. She has already never been a patient one and usually pops the top and guzzles... Ok I joke. If you could only image this 4'9", 85lb lady with short alburn hair on oxygen chugging a bottle of red wine... well you made my day~!~ Anywhozie. She told me that the Tanors Wine Decanter Aerator is very easy to use. The poor was nice and smooth and did not make a great deal of a mess. My brother being the joker he is took the fact that you can use it for any alcohol and threw some Hot Damn in there.... Hopefully it pulled some of the rock gut out and he didnt feel so bad the next day. My mom gave it about 15 minutes (I told you she is impatient one) before she downed the glass and she told me that surprisingly her favorite wine tasted better than ever. I am glad she enjoys it and she tells me it is very easy to clean and the case that came with it is very well made along with the box it was shipped in. All in all I believe she is very happy with the Tanors Wine Decanter Aerator. I did receive this for review purposes.
  • Saturday, January 17, 2015

    Your Weigh ~Adjustable 1lb. Wrist Weights

    Your Weight adjustable 1 lb wrist weights are the perfect addition to any ones work out routine. Whether you are a newbie or a vet you can surely use these to up your work out game.

    If you would like to get your own pair you can...  Purchase Here

    Here is a little bit from the company:

    Restore muscle fitness, trim, and tone with the Your Weigh wrist-ankle weights workout equipment providing resistance, and burning more calories during exercise resulting in accelerated weight loss and increased muscle tone.  These 1 lb. weights are a comfortable fit with adjustable Velcro enclosures surrounding a stretchable neoprene band allowing for a secure cushion for you wrist or ankle protecting against any muscle stain.  
    Makes a wonderful gift for the weight and/or muscle fitness conscious friends and family in your life.  Be a positive influence for a healthy lifestyle. 

    Here is my experience:

    I am far from an exercise freak but I do use these when I am walking my dog around the block... You would not think they would do much just being one pound... But BOOooOoOoy were my arms sore after the first time I used them! But that did not deter me from putting them back on... two days later... hush, they were really sore! And continue to use them. Now me and my Houdini take 3 trips around the neighborhood everyday. I can not wait for them to come out with an ankle weight too! I did receive this product for review purposes. 

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    100% Plant Based Konjac Sponge Infused with French Green Clay

    The Konjac Sponge is one of the best facial things I have ever gotten for review. When I read about it, I thought it was too good to be true.

    Here is a little bit from the Company:

    100% NATURAL, ECO-FRIENDLY and BIODEGRADEABLE - We painstakingly evaluated countless Konjac sponges on the market before putting our reputation behind this beauty. Our Konjac fiber is grown on the pristine volcanic plains of Jeju Island in South Korea, free from chemicals, pollution and irritants. The sponge hydrates quickly, and lasts longer with proper care than others we tested.

    "MIRACLE SPONGE" FOR YOUR DAILY BEAUTY REGIME - No other beauty sponge will work so hard for you! This luxuriously soft sponge gently exfoliates, cleanses, and is naturally pH balanced.

    LUXURIOUSLY GENTLE EXFOLIATION FOR DAILY USE - Soft enough for a baby's skin while still providing effective exfoliation. Relaxing and gentle for daily use even on the most sensitive skin. Say goodbye to the irritation caused by harsher exfoliating methods and expensive electronic gadgets. You don't even need to use a face cleanser, unless you want to. Fantastic for battling blackheads and breakouts!

    NEW IMPROVED TEARDROP SHAPE - FOR FACE AND BODY - New ergonomically designed teardrop shape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while the soft rounded point allows you to gently exfoliate sensitive hard to reach areas around your eyes. Ideal shape for the contours of your face but still large enough for your body. You'll love using it in the shower or by the mirror!

    Be confident in knowing your new Beauty Sponge is:

    -Free From Chemicals, Pollution and Irritants
    -100% Biodegradable and Sustainable (You can even plant it in your flowerbed or compost when you want to retire it)
    -Not Tested on Animals, and Vegan Friendly
    -Has NO Added Dyes or Colorants

    Here is my experience:

    I have the hardest time finding anything to use on my face because I have allergies. This sponge amazingly left my face clean and with out irritation. Usually with an exfoliate I have to moisturize very heavily however this sponge did not seem to dry my face out as other cleaners do. I would highly recommend this sponge if you are looking for an organic facial. I did recieve this product for review.

    FoxBrim 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil

    As you already know I love anything Foxbrim and when I was given the chance to review their argan oil I was all on it!

    Here is a little bit from the company:

    PERFECTLY Radiant Skin and Silky-Salon Hair - What Could Be BETTER?

    Foxbrim's 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil is the pure and absolutely NATURAL solution to your skin and hair problems!

    • Unbelievably Lightweight and Easily absorbs into face, hair, skin and nails. 
    • You've seen the Hollywood GLOW. Get it. With a few drops! 
    • Extremely Fresh and Long-Lasting. 
    • Organic Certified & Triple Extra Virgin - no preservatives, chemicals or artificial fragrances used.

    The #1 Choice for a REASON! Foxbrim's Argan Oil is the "secret" solution to the most common skin and hair issues you face every single day. You won't find a more complete, enriching and yet delicate moisturizer. Abundant in fatty acids, vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants, there's simply no comparison when it comes to a nutrient-rich natural moisturizer.

    Here is my Experience:

    I love argan oil for my hair. This cold desert weather drys my tips out pretty bad in the winter. I used Foxbrims Argan oil for about 3 weeks, 1 treatment every week, and my tips are back to their healthy selves with no split ends or breakage. Argan oil is also good for dry heals or elbows. I did receive this for review purpose.

    Friday, January 9, 2015

    Hello Sailor! Giveaway

    I have a giveaway to talk about today. I was offered 10 bottles of Hello Sailor Lube for all of my readers!

    If you are interested in where to find this you can view and purchase it at the link below.

    Click Here~~~>Hello Sailor! Only Available On Amazon<~~~Click Here

    Here is a little bit from the Company:

    • Hello Sailor Natural Lubricant is a thick luxurious lube which can provide the best relief from any discomfort that women, men or couples experience. It is also more slippery than silicone and petroleum based lubricants.
    • Hello Sailor is ideal for toys, as it will not damage their material.
    • • Hello Sailor is effortless to clean up, as it rinses off with water and does not require soap to remove.
    • • Hello Sailor is colorless and tasteless because we believe that a lubrication should be so non-invasive that you don't even notice it is there.
    • • Hello Sailor is petrochemical-free, glycerin-free and paraben-free, as most old style lubricants are predominately made of synthetic chemicals, some with known or suspected safety issues that can cause skin irritants and thrush.

    Here is my Experience:

    Rub a Dub Dub Lube me up with a sailor and a glove! This lube is extra long lasting for those long extra curricular activities that adults enjoy doing. The smell is not oily or stout. It seems to keep everything nice and slick and I did not experience any irritation afterward. I simply love the packaging and the shipping on this item was prompt. I did receive this for review purposes and I have to say that this is one of the funnest products I have gotten to review. If you are wanting to pull and all niter... or a whole weekender... Who ya gonna call? Hello Sailor!~


    Feel free to enter to Win your very own 16 oz Bottle of Hello Sailor!
    Hello Sailor

    UFM Boxer Brief Review

    So it took a lot of talking into, but, my husband finally agreed to model these for me... however, when I saw how good he looked in them... well, there is no way in hell I would put those photo's online! What do they always say... Never tell other women how good your man is??? Well... Stock photo's it is!!! Well except the picture of the actual briefs proving that I do have them ;)

    What you see here is UFM Boxer Briefs for Men with patient pending adjustable support.

    You can purchase your own pair here: UFM Boxer Briefs

    Here is a little bit from the Company:

    Product Description
          Great for Athletic activities 
          Great for Everyday wear 
    • Problem: You've felt the heat, the sweating, the movement, the falling out, the bouncing around and especially the chafing... all because your underwear lacks support and isolation.     •  Not with UFM 
    • Problem: Normal underwear starts to lose support with the first laundering cycle. •  Not with UFM 
    • Problem: Not everyone is "built" the same. Not everyone likes the same amount of support. Some people like the ablity to change the level of support depending on the time of day, what activity they are engaged in or just what feels the best.
    • UFM Underwear is not made with a pre-sized pouch, instead, a pouch is created as the drawstring is pulled tighter. The pouch, which is created and controlled by the wearer is designed to isolate the genitalia from the rest of the body.
    • At Underwear For Men we've engineering a drawstring conduit adjustability system that can't be seen from the outside, or felt from the inside. The capabilities of this adjustable pouch are "mind-blowing".
    • This feature prevents a variety of issues including chaffing, irritability, and discomfort. UFM products are Doctor recommended where good support is medically required, like for post Vasectomy and Epididymitis patients.
    • Premium Men's Boxer Brief with Patent Pending adjustable support
    • system - Perfect for those men who are looking for more support 

    Here is my, well my husbands Experience explained through me:

    My husband is not a big underwear man... He would prefer to do with out boxers or briefs. So, for him to actually say these were comfortable are a Big accomplishment! At first he thought it was quite unusual that there would be a string around his nuts. Having him put on an extra layer of clothes under his clothes is a real accomplishment but when he went out for the mail this morning I had him wear these and asked him to jog to the mailbox and back so he could give me his opinion of them. When he returned he told me that they were surprisingly cool and would very much benefit men his age and older. I am assuming what he means by this is men with 'older balls' lol... I know... But Hey us women and our older boobs have to keep ours up with our bra. It is nice to know that UFM is out there concerned with our men's balls! Over all he says he wont wear them every day... but he will wear them if he ever decides to go running or exercising because the support that they give is better than his usual accommodations... which is none at all. I did receive this product for review.

    Wednesday, January 7, 2015

    Longest Lasting Super Bright Rim Lights

    The Longest Lasting Super Bright Rim Lights for your bicycle are just the most awesome thing for all ages. You can find and Purchase Here

    Here is a little from the Company:

    • *  Light up your bike at night with the Speed Racer rim lights - Choose from three different styles
      *  Motion sensor LED technology ensures durability along with 50,000 hours of lifetime
      *  Easy to install - simple attach LED wheel flash light to valve stem on bike. Fits almost all bikes.
      *  Package includes A 3 pack of 2 x green 2 x blue 2 x colorful LED Valve Bike Lights
      *  Speed Racer is rust resistant, 1100% waterproof and usable through any terrain.

    Now here is my experience:

    This stock image does not nearly put these cool lights any justice. However every image I tried to take of my kid riding her bike with these on was too blurry for you to tell what it was. The lights stay in tact very well and are motion censored so that it detects movement. I did receive this product for review purposes and I have to say anything that makes my kid feel super cool... makes me super happy!

    Premium Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ/Baking Gloves

    The AYL Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves are amazing for cooking! I find myself using them more and more every day!

    You can get your pair: Purchase Here

    Here is a little from the company:

    AYL® Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ Gloves Set - One Size Fits All

    ★ Perfect For Use As Cooking Gloves, Baking, Smoking, Or Potholder ★ For Use on Hot Food in High Temperature In The Kitchen, Use As Grilling Gloves, Oven Gloves, Or Even Camping! ★ Protect Your Hands And Avoid Accidents With Insulated Waterproof Five Fingered Grip ★ Far More Protection And Easier to Use Than Oven Mittens!

    FDA Approved and BPA Free, Pure Food Grade Silicone Grip Gloves

    When you purchase AYL Grips today, here is what you should do: When that awesome Amazon brown box arrives in the mail, rip that tape off, open it up and check out our cool packaging! And just wait until you get a feel for the Ayl Grips, there is nothing with more quality and durability than our BPA-Free, FDA approved 100% pure silicone - just waiting for you to be introduced to the kitchen and the grill!

    You should know what separates us from the competition, its simple really:
    - The Most Popular Silicone Cooking And Grilling Gloves Available!
    - Heat Resistant For Temperatures Up To 425 Degrees Fahrenheit
    - 100% Waterproof, Covers Your Wrist, Keeps Hands Safe and Dry
    - Lightweight, Flexible, No Slip Grip Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items, Easily Grab Carved Hot Juicy Meats
    - No Staining or Smell: Even After Long Term Use
    - Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean
    - BPA-Free
    - FDA Approved
    - 1 Size Fits All

    It is time to Throw Your Old Oven Mitts Once And For All!

    Now here is my experience:

    I was fortunate enough to get these before the holidays. I was able to use them over and over again during my holiday cooking... which let me tell you... I did a lot!!! I did manage to snap one picture of me using them on a Ham that I was cooking for one of the Christmas dinners I made.

    Now to be honest, the gloves did get a little warm... However it was no where near the tempurature that the pan actually was which it was set at 425 degrees. I could touch it and pick up what ever came out of the with no problems. I did receive these for review purposes, but I have to say that they were the easiest thing about the holidays that I had to deal with! Thanks AYL!!!

    Tuesday, January 6, 2015

    Lemon Zester Cheese Grater 2-in-1 Review

    Here is a little bit from the Company: 

    Rated The #1 Most Useful Kitchen Tool for Grating & Zesting Effortlessly
    The limited edition Chef Proven Professional Zester Grater (2-in-1 Deluxe) is the most popular kitchen tool on the market.

    Why? No other tool combines effective zesting and grating in one easy to use tool as well as Chef Proven. Professional chefs and foodies around the world agree, choosing Chef Proven again and again when it comes to the best tool at the best value.

    And once you use it you'll see why.

    Our Professional Zester Grater is the easiest way to add instant flavor and uniqueness to all of your dishes.

    Take your dishes from good to great!

    - Grate a rich Parmesan or Reggiano over your favorite pasta or salad
    - Zest fruit including lemons, limes, oranges and coconuts
    - Grate chocolate to sprinkle over delectable desserts or ice cream - Grate ginger or garlic for stir fries, stews and more
    - Zest lime or orange over the top of your favor beer or cocktail
    -Toss your old spices and grate fresh cinnamon and nutmeg for today's meals

    Here are just some of the reasons why Chef Proven's Professional Zester Grater is the best on the market:
    - High grade stainless steel durable blade never needs sharpening
    - Soft comfortable non-slip grip
    - Unique ergonomic design for maximum control and easy use
    - Bonus cover sleeve for worry-free storage

    100% Satisfaction Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

    Now here is my experience: 

    I am not a big zester user so trying to find something in my house to zest was a bit of a challenge. I buy pre-shredded cheese, already bit chocolate and my pParmesanis already flaky. I did find one thing that I could possibly use this for is my feet. I see those nail shop ladies all the time using shredders and zester looking things... why not this... so I gave it a try. First off let me tell you, this zester is Very Very sharp... No Joke! But it cut the dry callous' right off my heals and big toe, those are my problem areas. It left my feet very soft and dead skin free! Of course I will never use this in my kitchen now, but really I had no use for it in the first place there. There is a handy sleeve to help keep it and you protected from its sharpness. I did receive this product for review and I have to say that I am enjoying it even though I am not using it for what it is meant for.

    BakeItFun Baking Mat

    So I had the opportunity to try out BakeitFun baking mat over the holidays. First of lets get you to this product, because it is simply amazing! Purchase Here

    I really like the BakeItFun Baking Mat because of the measurements. I think it very resourceful.

    Alright here is a little bit from the company: 

    Buy your BakeitFun Premium silicone baking mat Now And Eliminate the Need for Parchment Paper or Aluminum Foil. Re-use it up to 2000, think about how much less trash you'll make. 

    Multipurpose uses, perfect for cooking anything, Sugar Candy, Melted Cheese, Garlic and Cookies. Stop being afraid of buying cheap smelly silicone baking mats. Oven, Dishwasher and Microwave safe. 

    3. SAVE TIME 
    Get your food from freezer to the oven. Then rinse it off and forget about scrubbing sheets. 

    Made from fiberglass coated with food grade silicone, this non-stick silicone baking mat offers multipurpose uses for preparing, cooking, and heating up food. FDA and LFGB approved. It's 100% BPA free. 

    BakeitFun makes cooking fun for all ages! Turn a simple task in the kitchen into a fun and exciting moment with your kids - they'll be thankful later! 

    My Experience:

    Now that you have heard a little bit about what the company has to say I would like to share with you my baking experience with the BakeItFun baking mat. There are several pictures and I put it to the test up against the tried and true foil and pan method. I did use a slight bit of cooking spray on the mat (habit, but I bet I didnt need to) and a bit more cooking spray on the pan. On Christmas Eve Day I cooked a meal for the homeless. I used this opportunity to test how these two baking devices worked side by side. 

    So I felt like all the pictures that I had would take up too much space. But you can basically see the set up. There is the start, the baking, and the true tell all... the 'Does it Stick' test!

    And as you can see above BakeItFun Baking Mat nailed the No-Stick Test! Not to mention as you can see below the fact that the BakeItFun Baking Mat not only did not stick, but the cookies looked more appealing. Also the BakeItFun Baking Mat cookies were softer and the texture was more pleasent.

    This has to be one of the best products I have received for reviewing. And my completely honest review is that the BakeItFun Baking Mat is superior to the old fashioned Pan and Foil method!

    If you have a Baking Fanatic you know This could possibly be the best thing you could gift them for any occasion~!~